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The Job Search Is Selling

In my career coaching, I focus a lot on getting my clients to do prospect research and cold calling (networking first of course to get as warm leads as possible.)  The job search depends on selling, much like a business does.  You brand yourself, you target your niche, and you sell to your customers…in this case prospective employers. 

A recent article in CNN Money Small Business about Sam Richter’s “Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling” gives great tips on how to better research prospects, including how to uncover email addresses and identify mid-level managers.  I haven’t read the full book, but the tips offered in the article are similar to what I’ve used as a recruiter to uncover prospective candidates.  Candidates should be doing the same to uncover job leads.

A common adage in sales is to put yourself in the shoes of the customer.  As a candidate, you need to think like a recruiter and use the tools that they use to ensure that you’re on their radar.  The job search is about selling.  Forget the umpteenth book on resume-writing or interviews.  Learn to sell.

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