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Resource management, the personal way

I did an interview for The Institute for Success and Goal Achievement in July — 4 obstacles to success, 4 solutions to success, general life coaching stuff.   One of the key points I focus on in the interview and in a lot of my coaching is how people use their personal resources.  We know that companies have resource management groups that allocate people and budgets and material to different projects.  How are you allocating your time, money, skills and energy? 

I had a friend who had a demanding job, two small kids, a husband also with a demanding job, and many community service commitments.  She dreamed of writing a book.  So she blocked off time to write.  She scaled back on projects and gave up the short-term cash for the long-term investment of completing her manuscript.  She researched the subject of her novel and honed her writing skills.  She committed to writing that book and told everyone she’d do it.  She put 100% of her resources behind the book, and yes, she finished it.  But no it didn’t get picked up.  Instead, a few years later she published another book.  Completely different subject than she imagined, but she became a published author nonetheless. 

We don’t always know how things will turn out.  But we need to get started.  And we need to commit our resources (our time, money, skills and energy) to what we want.

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Institute of Success and Goal Achievement (I-Saga) Interview With Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Caroline’s interview with the Institute of Success and Goal Achievement about the 4 obstacles to success and the 4 solutions:


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