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Book Review: Shift by Jeff Hull

You have to love a book that manages to use the word asymptote in a non-mathematical context.  “Shfit” by Jeff Hull, an executive coach and Jungian psychotherapist, pulls that off deftly in his description of the Asymptote of Joy (essentially, there is always more joy to be experienced). 

There are many gems in this book.  I personally loved the exercise where you hold an uncooked egg (helps you feel grounded and pay attention).  There are substantive tests to take (are you a thinker, feeler or doer?), breezy stories to read of other people’s life shifts (many examples so you’ll see yourself somewhere), meaty psychological text (for those who like their research), and an overall poetic writing style (which keeps the book accessible to leisure readers like myself).

The subtitle of “Shfit” by Jeff Hull is Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear.  Hull talks about the stages of change and gives inspiration but also practical suggestions of how to deal with the different stages.  Mixing life and career examples makes the book relevant for different challenges.  The exercises at the end of each chapter are a good reference and handy as you hit a new stage or challenge and need to refer back.

I highly recommend the book.  Early in my career, I worked at a company that used Dr. Hull for executive coaching, so I had met him briefly over 10 years ago before reading the book.  I was intrigued at the possibility that high quality executive coaching might be available to the masses.  This book does not disappoint.  It’s engaging but substantive and with enough strategies that you want it for your personal and professional development reference shelf.


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