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United We Stand: Collaboration is Key to Business Success

Successful collaboration brings all the good things Corporate America has to offer:

So it's surprising that more people don't practice collaboration at work on a more consistent basis.  Perhaps there are not enough role models out there.  If you are lucky enough to have a manager that collaborates well, take note and try to learn from their behavior.  On the slight chance that you don't, here are some behaviors you may want to think about developing, in order to improve your capacity for collaboration: 

1.   Be open and honest in all of your dealings with people. 

2.   Try to build consensus and agreement among the appropriate stakeholders (and make sure you identify them in advance). 

3.   When a conflict presents itself, think about an innovative solution. 

4.   Decisions should benefit your group and other groups as well.  It shouldn't always be about developing your own high profile. 

5.   Key learning should be shared with others.  If something worked in your group, volunteer to show others so they can leverage your success.  It will only help you in the end. 

·         Promotions
·         Salary Increases
·         Great year end bonuses
·         Stock Options
·         Fun at work

Stand united and hopefully no one will fall.  Collaboration wnsures we come to work to make each other smarter, in addition to allowing us to enjoy ourselves more than usual!

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