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Fast Company article on James Andrews models 3 great career moves

The Fast Company September 2008 profile of James Andrews by Chuck Salter provides a really interesting example of 3 career moves that everyone can learn from.  (It’s really a piece about the interplay of medicine and sports and another example of business innovation and baseball, this time with the Boston Red Sox using medical technology and expertise, as opposed to the Oakland A’s using statistics a la Moneyball).  Interwoven in the fascinating details though, is the profile of Dr. James Andrews and 3 great career moves:

Getting the right mentor.  Dr. Andrews tracked down a leader in a sector that intrigued him, in this case sports medicine.  He trained with him before branching out on his own;

Networking from the beginning and throughout a career.  Dr. Andrews treated highschool and college athletes at first who are now the big-time players.  He still treats beginners and advanced, athletes and non-athletes, various sports, various teams.  He proves that a vast network builds and maintains a career;

Collaborating rather than competing.  Dr. Andrews trains people who end up becoming top sports surgeons in their own right and presumably competing for the same business.  Apparently, Dr. Andrews regards these as part of his network, not competitors.

Attracting mentors, networking, collaborating.  This is not just good for doctors and athletes, but anyone looking for a great career.

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