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3 Responses

  1. Ronald Buckman says:

    Thank you for the terrific discussion last night at Medaille College in Rochester, New York. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the discussion that occurred, and I look forward to a continued relationship. Ronald Buckman

  2. Yesenia Garcia says:

    Hello Mrs. Thanasoulis-Cerrachio. I met you at the recent Medaille event (1/13/10), I truly enjoyed the presentation, I learned so much. I’ve been out of work for six months and I am dredding going back to work. I fear I’m going to get stuck in a job I hate, because I rushed in. I’ve just completed the MBA program at Medaille and I have a ton of experience in customer service. I want to change my career, using the skills I already have. Where do I start? I feel so lost. I wish I could afford a coach (or maybe I can), but where can I find one in my local area? Getting laid off in my 20’s seamed much easier to deal with… my 30’s (not so much). Yesenia

  3. Yesenia, I’ll have Connie circle back to you privately as well but a great place to start for value-priced coaching is our small group coaching with the Coaching Gym. https://sixfigurestart.wordpress.com/for-individuals/coaching-gym-group-coaching/
    You get accountability, motivation, insights on a wide range of career topics, and laser 1:1 coaching on every call.
    The first class is free so sign up for a complimentary pass and experience the power of group coaching firsthand.

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