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Book Review: Change By Design by Tim Brown

Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO, writes about design thinking in “Change By Design”.   For business book lovers, this is a must for its accessible but comprehensive overview of what design thinking is and for real-life examples in a variety of companies and industries. 

For job seekers and proactive career planners, I was struck by how useful some of the design thinking strategies are to career management.  For example, in early 2000 when I used to give live career visioning workshops, I used an exercise called Prototypes, where participants would identify people with careers or lives they wanted and try to use what they knew and admired the prototype to more quickly identify what they wanted for themselves.  Brown has a whole chapter on prototyping and its importance to efficient and effective discovery of potential solutions.  Brown also covers mind-mapping, storytelling and the importance of observatiob — all of which have important career management parallels.

It’s a good mind-stretching book and accessible even for someone like myself with no design background.  I was inspired and even hopeful after reading this, as it encourages creativity and the constant pursuit of solutions.  Brown talks about seemingly intractable problems in a curious, optimistic way that begs for ideas.  If “Change By Design” inpsires you to be as curious and inventive with your career and life, it is well worth the read.


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