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How Taking Vacations Help Your Career

Since it’s a blizzard outside today (in NYC anyway) what better time to think about taking a vacation?!  Yet many people think that they should skip taking one, especially in this bad economy, because it will prove them indispensible to their boss and to their company.  I believe the opposite to be true.

I was recently interviewed by Forbes.com on whether or not employees should take vacation time when times are tough.  Instead of missing out on much needed R&R that can re-energize your creative juices and give you the rest you need to outperform your competitors, focus every day on being the very best employee possible when you are working.  Every piece of work and every interaction with a client should be top notch, complete and without error.  Check your numbers twice or three times, cover all angles, uncover any danger zones, and think of every alternative.  Your focus should be on improving your company’s bottom line and making sure your boss achieves his/her goals.  Now that is exactly they type of thing that will make you indispensible!  

Read this article, and afterwards, plan a warm & sunny vacation!  http://www.forbes.com/2010/01/12/vacation-job-relaxation-leadership-careers-employees.html

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