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Book Review: Busted by Edmund Andrews

What happened to Patty?  I was totally left hanging, and the fact that I care is a testament to the engrossing storytelling in Busted:  Life Inside the Great Mortgage Meltdown.  Andrews is a NY Times economics reporter who covered the mortgage market and yet found himself a near bankrupt participant in the housing market collapse and subprime mortgage mess.  His firsthand perspective gives a human angle to the often faceless coverage of the housing market. 

This is an engaging read (I feel bad saying enjoyable given the very real and miserable circumstances of the author that led to this book).  It’s an important read:  a warning for people living on the edge financially; an inside look at the real consequences of lapses in judgment; some food for thought about how we (since we all are feeling the aftershocks) got into all of this housing trouble.   Busted provides a valuable inside perspective on one of the most defining issues of our time. 

Finally, Busted  is a love story.  So, special note to Mr. Andrews:  what happened to Patty?  Even a little footnote would have closed the loop!


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