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“What Do You Think Of Facial Hair?” (aka Are You Sweating The Right Details?)

Okay, that question did not come from the Glass Hammer demographic [the women in finance blog for which I originally wrote this post]….It came from a male audience member in a recent panel that focused on Big Career Mistakes. But now that I have your attention, I wanted to highlight a few points to ponder inspired by the above question that do relate to [all]  readers:

When you have the opportunity to get feedback, ask big questions. The panel was for senior executives and featured former recruiters and executive coaches from a variety of backgrounds. This was a golden opportunity for participants to get candid insight into job search and career planning. This participant was clearly torn about whether his moustache was sabotaging his career, but I recommend focusing on the bigger picture items.

Read the rest of my advice on my latest post for TheGlassHammer.com



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2 Responses

  1. Sretno says:

    Facial Hair?
    nice topic

  2. Someone really did ask about it so it’s clearly on people’s minds. And it wasn’t the first time! There is always some confusion about boundaries and what’s acceptable in conservative office environments

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