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A Bullet-Proof Holiday Vest for the Unemployed

Whether you just headed past Hannakah, are crashing into Christmas, or coasting to Kwanzaa, here are some ways you can make it through cheerfully even if you are still unemployed.   And make no mistake about it – you must be cheerful/positive because this is prime networking season.  It is a universal truth that positive attracts and negativity repels.  And this is no time to be repelling people away from you because your network can and probably will lead you to a job eventually.  So you must ACT like you are happy, even if you are not.  Here are five ways to do so:

1. Go to the gym for an hour long workout:  get those endorphins pumping through your system because they do help and you will feel healthier and eventually happier!

2. Volunteer:  help someone that is worse off than you are.  It gives a much needed perspective. 

3.  Unclutter your house:  getting rid of the clutter energizes you – even if it’s a coat closet, or a pile of paper that needs to be cleaned up.  The benefits are amazing and it will get addictive!

4. Start your day in a positive way:  listen to uplifting music, read something motivational (I love  Dr Wayne Dyer), garden, or play with your pet.  Playing with animals is so uplifting because they love you unconditionally and they don’t have any worries … so it’s liberating.

5. Pray to a higher power – when things are too overwhelming, give it up to your higher power – you may find that it relieves an huge amount of stress.

So happy holidays to you because there is no reason for them not to be happy.  You will find a position – it’s just a matter of time.  So go in peace, and network with gusto!


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