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Book Review: Marcus Buckingham’s The Truth About You

I like Marcus Buckingham and am already familiar with his work.  If that describes you too, then The Truth About You is a great refresher of the traditional Buckingham material.  If you’re new to his stuff, I would start with the meatier Now Discover Your Strengths

The Truth About You outlines 5 pieces of career advice that are counterintuitive and originally presented.  I welcome Buckingham’s candid advice for readers to take control of structuring their own day to day jobs and long-term careers — to identify what they like to do, to identify what companies value (and therefore what you’ll be paid to do), to pay attention over the long-term so that you continue doing what you like.

The book is so breezy that it takes just an hour or so to read.  It has a companion DVD and special note paper which adds more heft.  I don’t know if I would have enjoyed the book as much had I not already read several of Buckingham’s previous books.  I found myself wanting more specific examples and instructions to put the advice into play.  But all in all, these are great ideas and well worth the time it takes to read them.  This would also be a great book club selection because the ideas lend temselves to open-ended discussion.

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