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Are We Working Ourselves To Death?

An interesting Fortune article by Geoff Colvin shows that the death rate decreases and healthy habits improve in recessionary times.


The article credits the declining mortality rates to having more time for exercise and cutting back on expensive cigarettes, among other improved health habits.  This is a great reminder to the currently employed that you don’t want to wait for unemployment to start living better!  Do we really have to lose our job to have time to go the gym?

Our jobs are just one part of our lives.  Even if we work a 10-hour day, that leaves a good 3-5 hours AND weekends for other activities.  Balance out the career focus with exercise, sleep, personal hobbies, reading, community and spiritual involvement, taking care of your finances, seeing friends and family, and other activities that will keep you well-rounded, sane, and healthy.  Make a list today of fun things to do, and check one off your list every weekend till year-end.  This week I’ll be at the New York Botanical Gardens for the Japanese Kiku exhibit.  What fun things do you have planned?


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