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Book Review: Stand For The Best by Thomas Bloch

I love biographies of all kinds, but especially stories of struggle and overcoming the odds and stories of extreme change.  Stand For the Best by Thomas Bloch fulfills both of these.  A CEO leaves his nearly million-dollar salary to work for free teaching inner-city youth.  Some of the writing feels self-congratulatory but it’s still impressive.  This isn’t someone who volunteered a few hours per week.  Bloch taught for five years (part-time but still at no salary) and then founded a school and served in other functions for years after teaching. 

I admired his honesty — he commented at one point that if he had to worry about money and fulfilling his financial obligations to his family he would not have made the same choices.   I admired how he often and profusely thanked other people, especially his wife.  (This isn’t Bloch’s fault, but I always wonder why we rarely see these extreme career changes from the woman’s point of view.  Could Bloch’s wife Mary have done what he did?  What if she decided to pursue a radical change with two small children?)

All in all, it’s an easy read about an exciting career change.  It may inspire you to move forward with a business decision.  The ego may be a slight turn off.  But if you can gloss by that and you enoy biographies this is a solid one.


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2 Responses

  1. Rick Smith says:

    I write about many stories like this (including my own – without the ego!) in my new book, The Leap. Everyone has the opportunity to transition their lives into something amazing, and its much more accessible than you think!

    Email me an address to Rick@ricksmith.me, and I will send you guys a copy.

    Rick Smith
    The Leap

  2. I’d love to review your book and sent you a mailing address via separate email. Looking forward to reading The Leap! Thanks for writing,

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