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Book Review: Power of Less by Leo Babauta

I read Power of Less by Leo Babauta at the recommendation of a life coach I respect greatly (and still do despite this book).  Who isn’t attracted to the notion that we can simplify our life and still be more productive?  Unfortunately, that temptation is merely that — a temptation with no substance at least from this book.  I’m glad I borrowed it from the library, rather than purchased it.  Here’s the summary:

To do less and still get more done, cut to the most essential.  Author can’t tell you what those essentials are; you have to figure that out.  End of book.

Babauta suggests picking no more than 3 goals at a time and then sticking to them till they are all done, as opposed to adding a goal once just 1 is done.  That intrigued me for the logistical possibilities but otherwise I wasn’t sure why that would work.  Babauta also advises to take small steps (exercise first just 10 minutes rather than 30) but that’s been advised in numerous other books.

The best I can say about Power of Less is that it’s a fast read and a good reminder to simplify, even if it doesn’t offer any suggestions on how.


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