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Best Advice for a Job Search: Be Yourself

I recently led a group coaching class where some folks were very talkative and outgoing and others quite shy and reserved and they asked which was better for a job search.  My answer:  be yourself and never try to adopt a new persona.  A recruiter can and will pick that up in a split second and it will not help your cause.  Introverts will probably need to pay special attention when networking and interviewing to ensure they use strategies that will get them the contacts they need … but other than being aware of this and ensuring they work their plan, no one need worry.

A well thought out, well planned and well executed job search will work for extroverts, introverts and everyone in between.   It’s in the thoughtful planning and fine tuned execution that will get results.  We coach our clients through a six step job search process that works if you work it:

Step #1:  Know your target:  know the industry, function and geography that you are most interested in

Step #2:  Create a powerful and compelling marketing campaign:  this includes a well written resume, cover letter, on-line profile and networking pitch

Step #3:  Research:  use technology to drive information about your targets directly to your email address.  Use your network to find out everything you can about opportunities and companies

Step #4:  Networking and Interviewing:  Networking is the buzz word for the 21st century yet few do it effectively.  Networking leads to interviewing and there are many types of interviews and many types of interviewers.  You need to know how to master each to ensure the most positive outcome possible.

Step #5:  Staying Motivated, Organized and Troubleshooting Your Job Search:  Job searches have tremendous highs and impactful lows so it’s vital to reach that middleground which keeps you moving forward, no matter what.  And after every interaction, you must assess what went well and what did not.  Strengthen what didn’t work well and replicate your successes.

Step 6:  Negotiation and Closing the Offer:  Negotiate for the best possible compensation by doing your research well in advance.  And keep that energy up until that offer is in your hands because it could easily slip away in the last moment.

So the process works for anyone who wants to work it:  those that are extroverts and those that are introverts.  As long as you make a plan and work that plan, the results will come, and you’ll be the better for it!


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  1. Evan Roey says:

    Excellent advice! It will be very helpful for job seekers!
    New Job Advice

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