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Top 10 Ways to Succeed in Business

I started to write this piece about career advice to Gen Y’ers … then realized it’s truly career advice to all. Follow this and good things are bound to happen!

1. Quality preempts quantity, at all times: Never hand in any report that hasn’t been reviewed for accuracy two or three times over. Ask a coworker to review with care. Spell check everything. Proof everything yourself because spell check doesn’t catch everything.

2. Create a powerful personal brand: be known for the person who puts in 150%, follows up when they say they will, and who produces quality work. Let your reputation precede you and everyone will want to work for you.

3. Network, network and network: network with your peers, with folks in other departments, join cross-business taskforces, with people that do your function at other companies (you meet these folks by attending conferences). Be the person who knows the most amount of people and make connections amongst them. You’ll be seen as a person of quality and “in the know”.

4. Learn something every day: we come to work to make each other smarter. There are plenty of people who can teach you something – people that are more senior, more junior or on your level. Be open to those opportunities and give credit where credit is due.

5. Lend a helping hand whenever you can: people remember others that help them along the way. Look for opportunities to do so.

6. Have an updated resume at all times: you tend to forget some of your quantifiable accomplishments and updating your resume every 3 months ensures you capture the very best projects you’ve worked on … and should a position present itself outside of the company, you can interview without hesitation and without rushing to put together a powerful resume. It also makes you feel more confident and professional.

7. Lead whatever initiatives you can: United Way Campaigns, Corporate Responsibility Taskforces, Softball team organizers … this allows you to get to know a lot of folks and putting on quality initiatives are always a good way to shine.

8. Find a mentor or a few mentors: mentors can help you navigate a very rocky landscape and having their input could make all the difference in the choices/decisions you make. They also watch out for you when you aren’t around, putting in good words for you when they are needed the most – like in a roundtable talent discussion

9. Ask your boss for feedback: it shows you are mature and willing to learn. Never get defensive, and LISTEN carefully to what is said. Work to improve in a passionate way, take advantage of whatever internal trainings are offered.

10. Enjoy your day: we are at work for 8 – 10 hours and sometimes more. Enjoy your day. Get along with people around you. Don’t take things personally. Ten hours is a long time to spend not liking other individuals … look for ways to like almost everyone you can. It takes a lot less energy than disliking them!

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