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How Long Do You Wait For The Dream Job

With job searches taking longer, there are more jobseekers bumping up against their severance deadline (or their own mental deadline that tells them they should have found a job by now).

A popular question that I hear often is how long you should hold out for that dream job before moving to plan B.

The answer is different for everyone.  

Read my advice on what to consider in my latest post for CNBC.com Executive Careers:



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2 Responses

  1. Sometimes it is better to go with Plan B as soon as an opportunity comes up that makes sense (financially, professionally, etc). I have seen too many people wait for the perfect job which doesn’t come. Once you take the Plan B position, remain committed to aligning yourself to and searching for Plan A. Make Plan B work for you.

    A few things might come out of Plan B:

    1. It could lead to Plan A (via a contact who you come across who is impressed by you)
    2. Plan A could change (you could become aware of a new industry or position right within Plan B’s organization).
    3. When you aren’t desperate to find a job, it will find you. How many times have you heard someone say “as soon as I accepted the position, I was offered something else that pays more and is better because”….

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that a plan B offer may be terrific and lead to even more terrific things. Two caveats: 1) some people who get the second choice in the short term stop going for their long term dreams b/c they get sidetracked, so if you know this is a possibility for you, it may not be a good idea to pause at plan B; 2) some people can’t pursue plan A and plan B simultaneously and therefore need to choose before an offer presents itself in either case. In the end, you need to know yourself and how much you want A, B, flexibility, immediacy, and the other considerations that come with juggling two goals. Thanks for commenting!

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