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Crazy Times Demand Crazy Thinking

When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command.  Very often, that individual is crazy – Dave Barry

That quote makes me laugh out loud.  The cynical me finds it funny to think that the only person available to help in a hopeless situation is hopeless themselves.  But I’ve started liking this quote even more lately because of these times.  It is a bad job market, and I am a career coach.  I work with people day in and day out to keep them motivated on their job search or proactively managing their career despite seemingly unmanageable circumstances.  When I remind people that the real opportunity is in rocky times such as these, very often, my clients look at me like I’m crazy.  I have become the crazy person in Dave Barry’s quote.  But that’s okay with me because crazy times demand crazy thinking.

You want to start a business in the middle of a recession?  Of course you can!

You want to change careers from accounting to media?  The best time is now!

You want to ask for a raise and promotion while your industry descends into flames?  Let’s ask for even more.

These are all examples of what real clients are going through.  And while our conversations are much deeper than the short answer that I share above, the context is similar.  Yes, you can make scary moves in a scary economy if you are ready to commit and to do the work.  It would be nice to have been ready to go for it during a boom market, but sometimes you are not.  And I would bet on the person who is 100% committed to an audacious goal in the worst market than the person who is unsure about a lesser goal in the best market.  Emotional readiness trumps market conditions anytime.

I decided to finally leave corporate and pursue acting in the middle of a personal crisis.  I bought my first house when I was unemployed.  I made a big financial commitment at the same time I launched a new business.  These were some of the best decisions that I made, though even now as I write them I feel like I am describing a crazy person.  Why would I choose to make these big decisions during inopportune times?

Because emotional readiness trumps market conditions.  How you feel internally will dictate your success more than any external condition.  When you’re so sure what you want that you’re willing to work at whatever obstacles come after, then you are ready to go for it.  If it seems crazy to the outside world but sound to you, then you are onto something.  These are crazy times.  We may not have good external conditions for awhile, and we can’t control when things will get better.  So get to work on the internal conditions, and when they’re right, go crazy.


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  1. Gina says:

    Thank you. This really helped me today.

    Also, I wanted to add a plug for Feedburner. It would allow your readers to subscribe via email, which I have found helpful in attracting and retaining my own subscribers.



  2. Thanks for the feedback and the tip on Feedburner. If you like these motivational coaching blogs, you might also be interested in my general life coaching blog, http://www.thinkasinc.com.

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