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The Job Search and a Bad Credit History

You can control almost every aspect of your job search.  We have a six step job search process that works for anyone who is committed to following each step.  During this or any process, there are bumps in the road that you must deal with effectively:  you leave on a bad note with your boss or your coworkers, you were downsized and then you had a health issue to deal with and sometimes you have bad credit. 

I was recently interviewed about what to do when a future employer conducts a background check which can include a credit review.   Some clients have declared bankruptcy and wonder how to deal with such issues.  I have a good friend who is a bankruptcy attorney (Kevin B. Zazzara, kzazz007@gmail.com) and he reminds people that two of our past presidents actually went bankrupt:  Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant and other famous people that include Walt Disney, Francis Ford Coppola and others.  So bad things do happen to good people … they just need to find their way out.  I hope you find these tips helpful!


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