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Beware of Rabbit Trails On The Job Search Path

My Tweet this morning was a link to a recent Seth Godin post.  Godin writes about marketing and his audience is typically entrepreneurs, but this post about the importance of going deep is relevant to a lot of jobseekers.  Many jobseekers don’t stay on their job search path long enough.  Rather, they go off on rabbit trails.

Targeting private sector but hear about a great opportunity with a non-profit?  Let’s go on that rabbit trail and see where it leads.  Of course, this means that you have just diluted your search focus and taken your attention off of what you are doing.

Sitting down to do company research but a job posting catches your eye?  Beware another rabbit trail.  Now, instead of learning about a company so you can make an intelligent and targeted pitch, you spend time on a job posting that may or may not be ideal for you and may not even be current (see my post on Phantom Job Postings). 

The typical rabbit trail distractions are changing your job search target too frequently and going after ad hoc postings and leads.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be flexible.  It just means that you should be choosy about where you put your attention so you can gain momentum in what you are doing, instead of starting and stopping lots of different and less impactful activities. 

One solution is to limit your perusal of job postings to a small percentage of your search time.  Another solution is to identify and stick to a list of companies to exhaustively target before moving on.  The solutions that I propose for my clients vary because it depends on what their rabbit trail distraction is and how they do their best work.  The best job search solutions are tailored to fit your skills and personality.  The best job searches are focused on the path you choose and not squandered on rabbit trails.


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