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Book Review: George Fraser’s Click

The subtitle of George Fraser’s Click is Ten Truths For Building Extraordinary Relationships.  The truths are further funneled into a model of Chemistry, Fit and Timing, which is a more easily remembered and useful paradigm.  I especially liked how Fraser included the need to “prune” relationships (a nice way to describe dropping people from your circle).  While much of the book is very basic, the anecdotes are entertaining.  I laughed out loud on the story of the woman in the casino elevator (I won’t give it away because the surprise is where the laughs come).  I also loved the quotes sprinkled throughout.  Finally, Fraser’s easygoing narrative makes the book a quick read and well worth it for readers looking for some good foundational advice on networking.

Some of my favorite Fraser gems:

  • He remembers a journalism professor who says, “Never assume.  It makes an ass out of u and me.”
  • Fraser joking to his sons:  Due to the economy, we’re going to have to let one of you go.
  • Fraser on networking with strangers:  Stragers are friends just waiting to happen.
  • Fraser commenting on a Special Olympics race where one of the runners fell, cried, and the other competitors went back for him, linked arms, and crossed the finish line together:  It is better to help others win, even if we have to slow down, go backward and share the victory.

If any of the above resonate with you, read the book as there more anecdotes and quotes.  Remember this is a basic book, but solid basics.


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