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Diary of a Job Seeker: 7 company interviews in just 18 business days!

Recently, a past colleague referred me to his friend for a job search consultation.  In just 2 minutes, I knew that this person was solidly on his way to finding his next position and it was just a matter of time before he landed. 

In fact, he didn’t even need to talk with me for direction, but he was smart to do so because he wanted to know what I knew and a smart person always does his research.

He was already conducting an exceptional job search:

1. he had his target industry, function and geography,

2. he was researching everything the right way,

3. truth be told … his resume did need some work, but

4. he was networking and interviewing like wildfire.

I asked him if I could share his story with others, to encourage our readers and job seekers and to demonstrate that their job search is in their control and they can determine the outcome.   In Mark’s own words ….

Monday, May 18th at 10:00am:  I was informed that my entire division was being eliminated. 

  • We were advised to take the rest of the day off to get our heads clear and discuss the situation with our loved ones. 
  • We had until the end of the month to be employed. 
  • There were 6 people in the New York office that were part of my division.  
  • The other 5 members of my team immediately went to a neighborhood pub
  • I went straight home, updated my resume and began my search.  

My goal was to avoid making a decision out of desperation.  Where ever I land, I will be there for some time and I want to make sure my move is right for my career.  

Companies still need to make money and require employees to do so.  I signed up for newsletters such as Bernardo’s List and EventMe in New York that highlight networking events. 

I went to 3 networking events over the next 7 days.  The most important piece to my success was my direct contact with recruiters in my area. 

I used LinkedIn to contact as many recruiters as I could.  My approach was to join every group I could locate that had anything to do with my profession or college.  I then searched each group for job postings.  When I came across a recruiter in the Northeast or New York City, I contacted them directly with my contact information and then sent my resume.  I let them know I was actively searching and suggested they hold onto my resume in case they came across an opportunity where I was a fit. 

It is amazing how much direct networking works in a job search over the “cold calling” approach of using Job Boards only.  I feel you must use every avenue available to you and treat this as the project of your life. 

June 10th:  I am about to interview with the 7th company since the news.


I will update this blog when Mark lands and I believe it will be any day now.  So use his energy, focus, and determination and apply that to your own job search.  You will reap the rewards.


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