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Knowledge is King!

You’ve heard the expression:  “Cash is King“.  I have one better:  “Knowledge is King”.  If you don’t know what you don’t know, progress will not be made.  
Yesterday, my partner and I delivered a workshop to about 50 graduate school students called:   Breaking into the Bank – How to Get a Job in the Finance Industry.  I was so encouraged to see that on a spectacular Saturday morning, almost 50 students came to our 2 1/2  hour workshop.  They came because they didn’t know what they didn’t know and they wanted to find out.
It’s the smartest thing really. You already know what you know – so listen to others to hear what they know.  A bit of humility goes a long way to finding out keys to a job search – especially in this market.
We talked about the various types of finance jobs you could get: 
1. Front Office: Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Wealth Management, Asset Management
2. Middle Office: Risk Management, Marketing, Equity Research
3. Back Office: Technology, Operations, Compliance, Human Resources
We talked about how the on-campus process works including calendars, resume screening techniques, and network strategies.  We talked about how the off-campus process works – in great detail – giving our combined 40 years of experience on all related topics. 
We talked about about the six steps to a job search:
1. Identifying your target
2. Marketing materials
3. Research
4. Networking & Interviewing
5. Staying Motivated, Organized and Troubleshooting Your Job Search
6. Negotiating and Closing the Offer
So you never know what you are going to learn when you decide to attend a workshop, call into a tele-class, or speak to an expert, or just a friend who had different experiences than you. 
Knowledge is King – so seek it out whenever you can!

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