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Before You Get Your New Job, “Play the Part!”

Here is a guest blog from a fellow coach – Rose Manco from Envision Possibilities.   Sometimes Life Coaches and Career Coaches overlap because in order to conduct a proactive job search, you have to have the right attitude and the right mental state.  Rose and I both volunteer at an Employment Group at St. Clare’s Church in Staten Island, and in this piece she outlines several helpful strategies when looking for a job: 

I was watching Neil Cavuto on TV the other night when he began to tell the story about a man called Al whom he would see on the train every morning on his daily commute to work. By chance, one morning Neil and Al got to talking and it was then that Neil learned Al had lost his job months before. Neil was surprised to hear this because he would see him every day, briefcase in hand.

Al explained he felt it was important that regardless of the circumstance he keep to his routine instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for himself. As a matter of fact, his family wasn’t even aware he had lost his job. Where once Al carried important documents in his briefcase, he now carried lunch and a newspaper to sustain him as he pounded the pavement looking for work.

Neil was so impressed with Al’s positive attitude and determination he gave him the name of someone whom he thought would be able to help him find a job, which in the end, he did. In Neil Cavuto’s words, “Al played the part until he got the part”.

I was recently invited to be a guest speaker to a group of individuals who lost their jobs and needed a bit of encouragement and life strategy tools to help them while they continued with the grueling process of searching for a job.

A few days later, a gentleman in the group who was feeling discouraged and despondent about the possibility of him ever finding a job at his age, called me to “pick my brain” to see what else he could do. I suggested that one of the best ways for him to keep motivated when it seems as if all doors are being slammed in his face is to share and volunteer his valuable professional skills with those who could use his expertise.

While it was important for him to continue with the important task of a job search, it was just and perhaps in his case even more important to find a venue where he could feel as if he is still a contributing member to society.

I recommended an organization for him to contact who always need seasoned, talented business savvy volunteers. When at first I made this suggestion, he wasn’t too keen on the idea that he wouldn’t get paid but I helped him to realize that he needs to see this differently. One, he could feel valuable while utilizing his skills and helping others, two, he is expanding his network and broadening his exposure to small business owners and entrepreneurs who would have never known about him if he only stayed the traditional job search route. He began to see the possibilities and felt a bit more hopeful which in his case was crucial.

I heard on the radio the story of a woman who until recently had been unemployed for six months. One day as she was driving in her car, she noticed all the foreclosure signs and came to the realization that these homes and former business sites needed to be cleaned and spruced up so they could be more appealing to potential buyers. She approached the Banks with a business proposition and is now earning a comfortable living with her newly formed cleaning service.

Opportunities abound us everywhere but first we need to show up for the part and one of the ways we can do this is by keeping our minds (and eyes and ears open). On those days when life seems to be keeping you stuck, remind yourself to continue to play the part even when you don’t feel like it because you never know where the next opportunity will come from.

Rose Manco, CTACC

Personal Development & Transitions Coach



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