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Book Review: Billie Jean King’s Pressure Is A Privilege

I was a kid when the Billie Jean King/ Bobby Riggs Battle of the Sexes tennis match happened, so to read King’s firsthand account of this groundbreaking event now that I can appreciate it was a treat.  Pressure Is A Privilege by King and Christine Brennan is a fun read (certainly a must for tennis fans) that encapsulates key moments in King’s illustrious career and life and segments each into key lessons.  Some of my favorite chapters/ lessons:

See It Happen To Make It Happen on visualization;

Champions Adjust is on how even the best-laid plans (King’s strategy for the Riggs match) might get tossed aside when gut instinct, conditions, or chance dictate a new strategy may be better;

Never Underestimate Your Opponent on preparation;

Leave A Legacy on mentorship.

I am not a tennis player.  I am not even an athlete.  But we can all learn from greatness in fields outside our expertise.  In fact, reading about completely different fields lets us absorb the essence of the lesson and not get mired in the details.  This book gives more motivational than tactical advice, but I was duly inspired by King’s achievement in sport and life.

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