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Money Is No Excuse For Not Making A Career Change

A popular excuse for not making a big change is money.  You don’t have enough money – training for new skills, career coaching, whatever support you need for the big change cost more than you have.  You need the income you have – you don’t have any left over to save for the big change and you certainly don’t have the option of quitting to focus more time on the big change.  However, although money is a legitimate consideration, it is not an obstacle you can’t overcome.  It comes down to the math:  how much do you need and where will you get it. 

Read some tips on finding the money to finance your career change in my latest post for The GlassHammer:



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2 Responses

  1. Richard K.Upingasana says:

    this is one of the very intresting part in life of every person

  2. Thanks, Richard. I agree that one’s feelings towards money and how much this plays a part in decision-making is very interesting. Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback!

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