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Phantom Job Postings

Last week, my coaching firm hosted our monthly free coaching call, where we answered questions from jobseekers about the hiring process.  Not one, but two questions were submitted about phantom job postings:  Why do recruiters post listings for jobs that don’t exist?  Why do companies consistently list job openings, bring in interviewees, extend offers, and go far in the hiring process, only to put positions on hold and sometimes close the positions?

Read three reasons behind phantom job postings at my latest GlassHammer.com post:



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2 Responses

  1. Matt S. says:

    One of the reasons why “Phantom jobs” in the DC-Area exist is because of pending contracts sought after by the company. In other words, the company anticipates a lot of hiring, but in reality, the contract/bid may not go to said company. It’s part of a problem that exists in our area.

  2. @Matt, thanks for that insight. You are right that there are many perfectly legitimate reasons why a posted job doesn’t materialize as posted. This only reinforces how important it is for jobseekers to not rely 100% on postings for their search.

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