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Diary of a Job Seeker

When you are searching  for a job, sometimes it’s helpful to observe how others conduct their search.  I worked with Vinh for about 2 years at Merrill and found him to be a breath of fresh air in the workplace.  He cared about doing an exceptional job, he always did more than was asked, and he was sooo easy to get along with!   These strengths, in addition to his writing skills, will get Vinh placed … it’s just a matter of time.  Here is a window in to his job search, which is taking place in Seattle.  At the very least, it should relax you and put a job search in perspective.  Enjoy!


It is nearing two full months into the job search now in Seattle. Where I sit and write, the water glimmers in the hour before dusk. The houses across the bay of the Puget Sound waters sit like gentle giants on the bank. Their windows gaze listlessly across the waters as they wait for their owners to return from a day at the office.

These days, my office is the local library. The library is perfectly outfitted for my needs. I use the internet, ask questions of the librarians, and take a break to look up at the young people and old people who are blissfully unaware of my job search. It’s nice to know life goes on.

Today, I planned details for a local expert on job searches to speak at the library for its month of programs on supporting job seekers. It’s my volunteer effort for the library. I didn’t manage to send out the applications I intended today. However, in speaking with the local authority on job searches about the library’s program, I learned from him about an interesting job lead. This is serendipity.

I do have a job plan of course.  Thankfully, the job plan allows time for supportive activities like gym, volunteering, and serendipity. Most days I accomplish everything on my list. Other days, things of high value gets done. And at the end of the day, I make sure I come to a place where I can look at the waters and I imagine life beyond the job search.

Vinh Do is a freelance writer based in Seattle. He writes essays about art, literature, and culture.  Vinhdox@gmail.com.


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