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Book Review: Ken Robinson’s The Element

The subtitle of Ken Robinson’s new book is How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.  Robinson writes about In The Zone moments where time flies by and you are totally absorbed.  As identifying these moments is what I ask of my own coaching clients. I obviously buy into Robinson’s theory that you will most likely thrive in what you enjoy doing.  An added bonus are the numerous, inspirational examples of people in their “Element”.

The book has chapters for key questions such as:

Finding a community support system — Robinson refers to this as your “tribe”

Dealing with family and friends who might not be supportive

Finding mentors

Identifying your passion later in life

Handling money issues when your passion might not pay

While Robinson writes about life and vocation in general, all of these issues are critical for the job search as well.  You need a support system — a job search group, a coach.  You need to guard against people giving bad advice or discouraging you — I advise my clients to limit their media consumption and to not listen to family and friends who may have out of date advice.  You need outside help — that’s why networking is so important.  You need to recognize that it’s never too late — even if your job search has stalled or you procrastinated and didn’t start as early as you should, you can still start anew with a better, more productive search from this day on.  You need to consider and decide on the money issues — you have to support yourself and as Robinson notes, you don’t necessarily have to do that with your burning passion nor do you have to give up your passion to support yourself.

It’s always nice to hear how other people achieve success — in the case of Robinson’s book , the success of doing what they love.  It provides encouragement when the day-to-day job search may get you down.  Stop reading the unemployment statistics and the dismal stock market news, and surround yourself with positive words of encouragement, such as the wonderful stories and advice shared in “The Element”.


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