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Book Review: David Allen’s Ready For Anything

Full disclosure:  I am a David Allen fan.  I discovered him just recently, sometime in the last few years, when I had already painstakingly created my own elaborate organization structure  (why???).  Turns out, we had much in common, and his ideas leapfrogged my productivity to the next level.  While I think his classic book, “Getting Things Done”, is much more comprehensive, the follow up “Ready For Anything” is a breezier and more inspirational read.  The big messages lay a great foundation for a proactive job search plan:

“Clear your head for creativity.”  Allen recommends getting organized and creating a master to do list.  This is key for your search — you want to know what you need to do at every stage, so you don’t let something fall through the cracks.

“Focus productively.”  Allen recommends that you prioritize and decide what to do and what NOT to do.  This is also key to an efficient search.  Stop responding to every ad that pops up.  Step back and ask yourself if the new potential opportunity fits your criteria.  If not, stick to your search as defined and stop starting and stopping for every lead that comes your way.

“Create structures that work. ” Allen has a whole section on how to stay organized.  Likewise, the SixFigureStart job search has staying organized as a step unto its own.  It is that important to stay organized.  You need a structure to manage your networking contacts, a structure to track your search results and activities, and a structure to capture ideas and thoughts.  You need to have all of this data at the ready for a comprehensive search.

“Relax and get in motion.”  Allen uses the phrase “mind like water” often.  I love that image about finding the stillness and the flow.  In your job search you want to be “on” when you have those networking meetings and interviews.  You want to be focused and ready for opportunities that come up unexpectedly.  This is why the above three steps are so important:  by knowing where you stand, staying on target, and taking a systematic approach to your search you can relax and be Ready For Anything in your job search.


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