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A Job Seeker is Only as Good as Their Tools….

Bob Villa, step aside.  Job seekers need tools just as much as handyman or workmen building a house.  Here are some tools that  jobseekers simply cannot do without:

1) Interviewing skills:  “you don’t know what you don’t know” applies here.  Some people think they have effective interviewing skills, and they just don’t.  Why not audit your interview skills with a coach who knows how to assess your skills.  So many of my clients think they are decent interviewers and they simply are not.  So many of my other clients know they have issues and they ask how to improve, they practice and they do better because of it!

2) A well written resume:  this is critical.  A resume represents you when you are not there so make sure it is extremely well written and that it quantifies accomplishments that include a beginning, a middle and an end.  There are many online tools for resume writing, but again, checking it with someone who knows what it should include is very important.

3) A professional voicemail and a commitment to getting back quickly to whoever contacts you.  This is a no-brainer and people fall short.  And, should someone call when you don’t recognize the number, don’t pick it up unless you are in a quiet place.  It can make for an awkward first conversation with a recruiter … something you want to avoid.

4) Networking group:  you can’t find out everything regarding a job search, so seek out a group that you can meet with once a week to help move your search along.  Perhaps they come across a contact that they are not interested in, but you would be interested in.  Make sure this group is set up so you can capture those valuable contacts before they disappear.

Bob Villa has his tool belt on when he walks into a home needed repair, and he knows he can assess and handle any issue before him.  You need to do the same regarding your job search.  Repair that resume, strengthen and support your interview skills, and create a system that works effortlessly for you and you will nail that job to the wall.


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