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How to De-Stress Your Job Search..by crafting


I often advise jobseekers to schedule time every day for their job search because it’s important to stay on track.  



But I also let them know it’s important to step away from their job search and enjoy themselves by exercising, volunteering, or picking up a craft or a hobby.  It brings the stress down and ensures you enjoy your day.



Exercising keeps your endorphins up, and volunteering reminds you that there are people less fortunate than you are.  And a hobby or craft can be totally therapeutic, allowing you to focus on something other than your job search.    



My friend Nancy is an amazing quilter, and overall crafter.  When things aren’t going smoothly in her life, crafting always seems to help.  I thought I’d ask her to guest blog … so enjoy!


If the economy and your job situation are frazzling your nerves (and let’s face it, who ISN’T down about the current financial crisis?), try turning to a craft or hobby for inspiration and comfort.


Research shows that crafts and hobbies are great stress-relievers—as good as meditation—because they distract you from your everyday worries and anxieties. It’s hard to feel down when you’re completely engrossed in a creative project! Rhythmic and repetitive activities, such as knitting, crocheting, and sewing, are particularly good because they push away distracting thoughts and put you in the “relaxation zone.” 


And not only are crafts good for your mood, they also boost your brain power. Trying new things, being creative and problem-solving lead to brain growth, so you can stay sharp even when you’re unemployed.


If you’re worried about the cost of crafting, don’t be. You can always start with what’s around you. Make a collage of your dream job using photographs and words from magazines. Create a photo scrapbook on your laptop from pictures you’ve taken on your digital camera. Ask your family and friends if they have any craft and hobby items they’re not using that you can borrow or have. And visit your local craft store to see if they have inexpensive kits that can get you started on crafting.


If you’ve ever wanted to try scrapbooking, quilting, knitting or another craft, now’s the time. They’re not just fun, they’re therapeutic. And that’s just what we all need right now.


Nancy Monson blogs about the connections between creativity and health at http://crafttoheal.blogspot. She is the author of Craft to Heal: Soothing Your Soul with Sewing, Painting, and Other Pastimes.

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