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Book Review: Daniel Pink’s Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Daniel Pink’s manga career book offers insight in a fun package.  Pink’s 6 key takeaways hold great lessons for jobseekers too:

“There is no plan.”  At SixFigureStart, we talk about being specific but flexible in your job search.  Just as Pink points out the curveballs that happen in any career, this is true of job searches too.  Therefore don’t get hung up on creating the perfect strategy — go on the market as quickly as possible and refine as you go.

“Think strenghths, not weaknesses.”  Jobseekers need to be aware of both but absolutely  spend more time on the former. 

“It’s not about you.”    For jobseekers, it’s about the employer.  Speak in their language, use their jargon, sell your benefit to their needs.

“Persistence trumps talent.”  Jobseekers have to move away from waiting for the perfect lead.   The ones who get hired are the ones who get out there.  Head down, just do a good job does not work in this competitive market.

“Make excellent mistakes.”  Another excellent tip that mistakes will happen so make the kind that stretch you and can teach you.  Take your pitch on the market and see how it is received.  Then refine it.  But draft after draft in the solitary of your own home does not get you any closer.

“Leave an imprint.”  It’s not about getting a job, but about getting THE job — the one that makes your eyes light up, that feeds your passion, that keeps you on track to your dreams.


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