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And the Oscar Goes to….

Slumdog Millionaire hit a chord around the world because it’s wasn’t about the money, or the trappings money can buy.  It’s about true love that never gives up.

Your job search is very important … without a doubt.  But don’t let it make you feel any less of a person because you don’t have the job you want.  Not having a job doesn’t define you.  

The Wresler didn’t win an award, but Mickey Rourke’s character touched many people through his struggle in, then out, then back into the ring.  

Your job search is going to have ups and downs.  Things are going to get hot, then cold, then hot again.  Since it’s a numbers game, have as many target companies as possible so you can keep your momentum up. 

I didn’t see The Reader with Kate Winslet, and am looking forward to it.  So pick one of the movies you haven’t seen and take a break from your work, which is your job search, and enjoy!


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