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Pursue Your Passion With the Help of Pursue The Passion

I had the pleasure of speaking with Brett Farmiloe, co-founder of the non-profit Pursue The Passion (http://www.pursuethepassion.com/interviews/).

PTP was started by two 2006 grads, Brett Farmiloe and Zach Hubbell, who wanted to discover their passion and help others do the same.  What resulted is an organization that creates short videos featuring people in different careers.  Watch these videos, and you can get a flavor into different jobs, some you might not have heard of or considered.  PTP is trying to put these videos into the reach of as many students as it can.

Nice mission and luckily these videos are available online to anyone with an Internet connection.  It’s a great idea — inspire by informing.  PTP doesm’t promote any specific career; rather they enable people to expand their knowledge of what’s out there and decide for themselves.

I told Brett I’d write about PTP b/c I believe in the mission and hope that you check out the site and tell others about it.  We could all use the extra help to pursue our passions.  Thanks, Brett!

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  1. Thanks for following through on your promise Caroline!

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