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Career Coaching Tips For Breaking Into Public Relations

The PR Channel picked up my tip for the PR grad:

“Do not discount the importance of small, mid-size and boutique firms.  Everyone will be looking at the biggest firms that get profiled in college recruiting blogs and career services offices.  But the smaller places require candidates to research and find them, and this creates a barrier to entry that many candidates won’t jump.  Look at PRWeek and other industry publications to identify PR firms outside of the usual suspects.  Research those firms — look up the management bios on LinkedIn, put a Google Alert on them and see what has been written about them, ask your network if they know these firms specifically (you’d be surprised how much info you get when you’re specific in your requests).  Tailor your cover letter and networking pitch based on the info that you find and approach these firms.  The market is bad, but firms are always hiring.  You will need to dig deeper and you want to go where nobody else does.” ~ Caroline Ceniza-Levine, co-founder of SixFigureStart

Read the other great tips from Advice For The PR Grad – Be Bold and Creative:



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