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The Power of Staying Connected During a Job Search

The most successful college students get connected at school:  they join a student club or sports team, volunteer for a good cause, or get a job at school.   That connection keeps you going when things aren’t going your way.

The most successful job seekers do the same.  Those that are laid off need to immediately connect to a group or a coach or an outplacement effort of somekind or they risk becoming isolated.  Worse yet, they don’t have the vast resources that a group can share.  This is the reason why no country will every send one person into outerspace.  Better decisions are ALWAYS made with 2 or more people.  

So if you are in college – get connected.  When searching for internships – consult your buddies at school, your professors, and of course, your career services group.

And if you’ve been laid off – get connected.  When searching for a job – form a “mastermind group” that meets once a week for coffee – to share the information they’ve found along the way. 

New resources are popping up every day.  I just networked with the founder of www.greatplacejobs.  This new website (just formed this past September) lists jobs at the very best companies that are still hiring in this tough economy.  There is a small fee to belong, but I searched their database yesterday and was impressed!

So whatever your situation, search for or create a mastermind group of people going through exactly what you are going through.  You’ll be surprised, and pleased with the results!

Connie Thanasoulis


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  1. victor Avis says:

    Connie, Nicely done. I appreciate the plethora of ideas you are sending forth. Thanks. Congrats on Tim Houston interview. Also check out Tappegroup.com and go to blog site for Mon. and Thurs. inspirational thoughts and ideas. Allen is my coach.

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