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Book Review: Randy Komisar’s The Monk and The Riddle

Jobseekers can benefit from this book for entrepreneurs and not just because it solves the riddle of how to drop an egg three feet without cracking it (no, I won’t spoil it here).  Komisar has an illustrious career spotting and shepherding start-ups (LucasArts, WebTV, Tivo) but his lesson for entrepreneurs about passion v. drive is important for jobseekers especially now.

Komisar talks about identifying the why (the passion that pulls you) of your startup and not just relying on drive (which you need lots of as well) to push through.  Similarly jobseekers need the drive to get through the minutiae of the job search — networking, follow up, interview practice, copyediting that resume.  But the thing that separates the successful career from the mundane is the passion.  In this tough market, where no sector is safe or easy to break through, you need passion for your choices to pull you forward and get you through the anxious, bleak, and frustrating times.

It was also nice in The Monk and The Riddle to follow two entrepreneurs on their journey and see the risks they took.  Jobseekers and employees face risks as well.  It’s always inspiring to read about other people who go for it.  At the very least, it reminds us that we have choices.  Regardless of the market (the sample entrepreneurs in The Monk and The Riddle were in the funeral business of all things!), we have choices in what we pursue.  Lead with passion, follow up with drive, and make bold choices — excellent advice for entrepreneurs and jobseekers as well.


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