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Job Search Success Story: Steady and Persistent Action Wins

One of our current clients recently got an offer and is working on a second one, another company where he is also a finalist.  When we started (less than four months ago), like a lot of jobseekers we see, this client was spread over a lot of ideas.  So how did he manage to get a job he wants in this market with last quarter hiring freezes and the slow holiday search season in the way?

He got started right away.  We told him that his search had to get serious well before the holidays in order to have enough momentum before the inevitable slowdown.  He listened and had a working resume and a target list of companies well within the first few weeks;

He kept going.  He started with some industries that proved to be not quite right.  So he dropped things that weren’t working and added to things that were right.   When he had a bad interview practice (it happens to the best of us), he listened to the feedback we gave and incorporated it into his real interviews.

He keeps going.  We always advise to aim for more than one offer.  Even when he has one offer, he’s working on more.  This client is a shining example of steady and persistent action.

Get started, keep going in the face of adversity, keep going in the wake of success.  There are jobs to be had even in this market.  Steady and persistent job search action will get you hired.

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