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If You Survived 2008, Resolve To Thrive In 2009

What if you like your job and wouldn’t necessarily be looking, except that your company has been laying off in droves? Do you try to hang on or leave as soon as possible?   I answered this question in my post for CNBC.com:


Many people survived layoffs in 2008 and may start 2009 thinking about this very issue.  It’s no fun just to spend your time hanging on.  But you also don’t want to just leave if you like your job otherwise.  So instead of thinking about just surviving, think about thriving.   Resolve to make career management a priority for 2009 and block out the time in your calendar now to do all the things you mean to do:

Schedule lunches with your network in the company and outside;

Apply for training opportunities or professional development classes;

Subscribe and read trade journals;

Join a professional organization or some external group that will get you active again.

You dodged a bullet in 2008 but resolve to thrive in 2009, not just survive.

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