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Book review: Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art

Pressfield is an acclaimed author (Legend of Bagger Vance), and I’ve seen War of Art on several recommended lists of people I trust.  The book did not disappoint, and it has great points for jobseekers too.

My favorite is his point about how Resistance can be strongest at the tail end of a project or goal.  Pressfield writes about Odysseus who had the shore line in sight when he decided to take a nap and his crew opened the bag of winds that had been set aside for a smooth sail.  Instead, the winds were released and their ship was blown back to the starting point.

I’ve seen many candidates let their guard down just at the tail end of a search when their diligent networking and follow through and the myriad rounds of interviews was about to pay off.  Remember to keep your energy high even when that dream job is in sight.  Do not open the bag of winds.


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