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You Are Not Doomed At Birth Conclusion: A Client’s Interview Success

In two recent blogs (Nov 19 and Nov 21) I talked about how good job search skills are learned, not inborn.  So you do not have to worry if you feel like your current skills are not where you want them to be.  If you are willing to do the work. if you are open to feedback on what you can improve and what techniques to try, then you too can find success in the job search.

This was borne out by a recent client success story:  a shy candidate who found herself tongue-tied in past interviews but worked with us on her interview technique and landed her dream job with a Big Four audit firm.  We outlined the likely questions, and she practiced her responses.  We role-played with mock interviews — changed up the questions, challenged her prepared answers, threw in some curveballs (even if it meant getting a little tough).  Most importantly, we stopped coaching technique at least a day before the big interview, and instead focused on encouraging, keeping the client refreshed, and otherwise taking the pressure off this particular situation.

This is exactly what proactive jobseekers need to do in this competitive environment:  prepare; practice; stay relaxed.  Most importantly, stay optimistic.  Yes, this is a tough market but people are getting hired, and they are getting their dream jobs.  Yes, it is harder for candidates when the market is competitive, but with practice and coaching you can overcome your current blocks.  You are not doomed at birth — job search problems are fixable, and success awaits.

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