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‘Tis the Season to Be Your Own Best Friend!

When conducting a job search, I’ve found that many individuals are their own worst enemy.  They beat themselves up about things that happened in the past and they tend to make sarcastic comments about themselves.

But this is the worst possible time to treat yourself this way.  During a job search, you MUST remain positive, at all times.  You must create a plan and work that plan, which will only make you feel better about the entire process.  Here are some tips on how to do just that.

1 – Make sure you read very positive things.  Dr. Wayne Dyer is an exceptional writer and motivator and makes you appreciate your individual make-up.  Any book of his will no doubt pick you up!

2 – Listen to positive music – no sads songs here Elton!  Anything upbeat will do because it’s a proven fact that music makes everyone feel better.

3 – Treat youself to something you really want.  When you are not employed, you don’t want to spend a tremendous amount of money, but if you want something – buy it!  You’ve always worked hard and you will get over this period of not being employed or not having the job of your dreams – so treat yourself (once in a while!)

4 – Have faith that things will work out.  I know it’s easy to say, but we all know that positive thoughts will beget positive outcomes.  I think we can all agree that negative thoughts drag the entire room down to dust level.  Act like you are having a good time … smile when you don’t want to and you can’t help but feel better.

Enjoy the holidays!  We all have a lot to be greatful for.  We may not have the job of our dreams right now, but hopefully you have your health, your family and friends, and maybe an adorable cat or dog that instantly makes you feel accepted and loved.  I know that 2009 will bring you very good things!

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SixFigureStart Coaching Teleclass Recording/ How to Effectively Handle a Job Layoff & Move Forward

SixFigureStart Free* Coaching Teleclass Recording

How to Effectively Handle a Job Layoff & Move Forward


SixFigureStart co-founders Connie Thanasoulis and Caroline Ceniza-Levine talk about:


  • If You’ve Been Laid Off, What To Do Next
  • If You Haven’t Been Laid Off, How To Recession-Proof Your Current Job


Dial – (641) 715-3468
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*The call is free but long-distance charges apply depending on where you are calling from.


This call was recorded on Dec 19.  Listen prior to Dec 31 to take advantage of a special 20% discount on SixFigureStart coaching offerings that was announced during the call.

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Book review: Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art

Pressfield is an acclaimed author (Legend of Bagger Vance), and I’ve seen War of Art on several recommended lists of people I trust.  The book did not disappoint, and it has great points for jobseekers too.

My favorite is his point about how Resistance can be strongest at the tail end of a project or goal.  Pressfield writes about Odysseus who had the shore line in sight when he decided to take a nap and his crew opened the bag of winds that had been set aside for a smooth sail.  Instead, the winds were released and their ship was blown back to the starting point.

I’ve seen many candidates let their guard down just at the tail end of a search when their diligent networking and follow through and the myriad rounds of interviews was about to pay off.  Remember to keep your energy high even when that dream job is in sight.  Do not open the bag of winds.

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Free SixFigureStart Coaching Call On Handling A Layoff

SixFigureStart is hosting a Free* Coaching Teleclass

How to Effectively Handle a Job Layoff & Move Forward

Friday, December 19, 12p-12:45p EST


SixFigureStart co-founders Connie Thanasoulis and Caroline Ceniza-Levine will co-lead:


  • If You’ve Been Laid Off, What To Do Next
  • If You Haven’t Been Laid Off, How To Recession-Proof Your Current Job


*The call is free but long-distance charges apply depending on where you are calling from.


If you want to be on the call, get the dial-in instructions in the Dec 12 SixFigureStart newsletter.  Sign up for your free subscription and free archive access at http://home.ezezine.com/2034_2/.  The call will be recorded and the number for the recording will be listed in the next newsletter.

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Dan and Chip Heath’s Kill The Slogans Idea Good For Jobseekers Too


In Dan and Chip Heath’s latest column for Fast Company they espouse the benefit of speaking in plain English and not trying to do something too clever a la the slogan variety.  I wholeheartedly agree; this advice relates to the jobseeker as well.

Many candidates worry that their resume isn’t catchy, that their interview doesn’t include the buzzwords, that their pitch isn’t memorable.  However the best candidates are clear and concise, not catchy.  Buzzwords often come across as superficial.  The most memorable pitches are authentic and easy to understand.

Jobseekers should say what they mean in plain English.  Recruiters don’t have a lot of time to decode double entendres and jargon.  Recruiters also have heard a lot, so what strikes you as witty and original may be stale and cliche.   Kill the slogan is a good idea not just for marketers but for jobseekers too.

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Job Search Lessons From “Sway” By Ori and Rom Brafman

Who knew that financial compensation had the same effect on the brain as snorting a line of cocaine?  After reading “Sway” you know this, as well as a number of other surprising facts.  This must-read is subtitled The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior.  While it isn’t a career coaching book its lessons are applicable to jobseekers:

Hot dog company Nathan’s couldn’t get people to try their hot dogs so they paid doctors to eat it.  If doctors liked it, then they must be okay for the common folk, and hot dog sales took off.  This is how the Brafmans demonstrate value attribution.  Jobseekers, think about who is giving you referrals and recommendations.  Get a highly regarded person in your corner and let value attribution work for you.

My heart is still in my mouth regarding the story of the toddler who died after doctors in the ER repeatedly missed her symptoms.  Diagnosis bias caused them to overlook what the symptoms could mean and instead see only what they had predetermined.  Jobseekers, if you’ve already diagnosed your search as beyond repair, then it is.  You will see only what is wrong.  You will be too easily discouraged.  You will miss opportunities that do arise.  Change your search first and foremost by changing your thinking.

Anecdotes from politics, sports, business and everyday life teach other lessons in commitment, loss aversion, the chameleon effect and more.  Jobseekers, you don’t want to go down a road that’s not working just because that’s what you’ve always done (commitment).  You also don’t want to play it so safe that you don’t take enough chances to win the job (loss aversion).  Finally, the chameleon effect warns us that we take on the characteristics that others ascribe to us.  So jobseekers, in this often tumultuous job market, keep company with people who believe in you so you live up to their high expectations.  Avoid the naysayers, lest they convince you to be less than you truly can be.

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You Are Not Doomed At Birth Conclusion: A Client’s Interview Success

In two recent blogs (Nov 19 and Nov 21) I talked about how good job search skills are learned, not inborn.  So you do not have to worry if you feel like your current skills are not where you want them to be.  If you are willing to do the work. if you are open to feedback on what you can improve and what techniques to try, then you too can find success in the job search.

This was borne out by a recent client success story:  a shy candidate who found herself tongue-tied in past interviews but worked with us on her interview technique and landed her dream job with a Big Four audit firm.  We outlined the likely questions, and she practiced her responses.  We role-played with mock interviews — changed up the questions, challenged her prepared answers, threw in some curveballs (even if it meant getting a little tough).  Most importantly, we stopped coaching technique at least a day before the big interview, and instead focused on encouraging, keeping the client refreshed, and otherwise taking the pressure off this particular situation.

This is exactly what proactive jobseekers need to do in this competitive environment:  prepare; practice; stay relaxed.  Most importantly, stay optimistic.  Yes, this is a tough market but people are getting hired, and they are getting their dream jobs.  Yes, it is harder for candidates when the market is competitive, but with practice and coaching you can overcome your current blocks.  You are not doomed at birth — job search problems are fixable, and success awaits.

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