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You Are Not Doomed At Birth Part 2: Success Traits Can Be Developed


In my Nov. 19 post, I wrote about how good interview technique can be learned and interview success can be had by anyone, even the shy ones, with enough practice.  Apparently Malcolm Gladwell extends this belief to success in general in the above Fortune Magazine article, a precursor to his upcoming book, Outliers:  The Story of Success.  Gladwell talks about the link between success and practice.  He also alludes to people taking advantage of their circumstances, with Bill Gates as his sample case.

I will make this required reading for my clients.  Practice is key to the job search — practicing interview responses, practicing your pitch, practicing general communication skills and good follow-up.  Seizing opportunities as they arise is also key — following up regularly so you stay front of mind for employers, networking so you hear about openings first, stretching out of your comfort zone so you take advantage of new industries or changes in the market. 

All this media coverage about the recession and layoff after layoff can make even the most optimistic person fearful and anxious.  But you can be proactive about your search and make your own success.  Thank you, Malcolm Gladwell, for highlighting the role we actively play in our own success.

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