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Susan Roane Tips For Sticky Networking Situations


The latest BNI newsletter has an excerpt from networking guru Susan Roane’s upcoming new book Face To Face: How To Reclaim the Personal Touch In a Digital World.  Roane provides tips on how to deal with people who make snide comments.  Do you let it slide?  Do you say something?  What if you sound defensive or lacking in humor?

Roane advises us to set boundaries and call the offender or his/ her behavior.  I agree with this stance and think her tips are particularly helpful now because in this volatile and anxious market more people will be on edge.  The chance of seeing boorish behavior will probably rise.  Stressful times are no excuse to get nasty, however, and you set yourself apart when you can remain gracious and assured.

I always advise my clients that in tough markets especially you need to be the calm in the storm.  Anxiety feeds off of anxiety.  Conversely, calmness begets confidence.  When you set boundaries and expect to be treated with respect by  (junior or senior, nasty or nice), you take control of your environment.  This ability to remain in control is invaluable in a job search.  We all gravitate towards that person who has that calmness, control, and confidence.  Be that person.

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