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Career Tips From Life Threat Survivors


I haven’t read Laurence Gonzalez’ book “Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why” but it’s at the top of my To Read list.  12 of the tips are summarized in the above article, and they have parallels for jobseekers.  Here are some of my faves:

Deep down, true survivors know they’ll win.  You have to believe that you’re getting a job, making a career change, landing that promotion.  If you don’t, you won’t try or try hard enough.

Survivors quickly organize, set up routines, and institute discipline.  A steady, persistent and thoughtful approach is the hallmark of a good job search or career plan.

Survivors break down large jobs into small, manageable tasks.   Sometimes I ask my clients an innocuous question like, “Give me an example of when you used Excel” and they launch into a tirade — I’ve never really used it much, I don’t have the right experience, I knew it…Whoa!  So you won’t get an Excel teaching job, but there may be others.  Let’s just get the facts first and see what we have to work with.  In other words, take your search step by step, keep moving forward, and don’t make every single action about landing the furthest end goal.

Survivors take great joy from even their smallest successes.  One marker might be the new job, the new career or the promotion.  But along the way, there is more confidence, clarity, and new people that you meet in the course of your career development.  There are many benefits along the way to managing your career proactively.


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