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Costumes for the job search versus costumes for Halloween

Whether you are 5 or 55, it’s always fun to dress up on Halloween.  When you dress for an interview, sometimes it may feel like you are putting on a costume or uniform – especially if you are much more comfortable in your jeans.  Unfortunately for you, an interview suit is a necessary evil.    

On Halloween, you dress to scare.  On a job interview, you dress to impress.  Here is my advice for what to do regarding dressing for an interview:

1. Try on your suit 2 days in advance to ensure it fits well and that it’s clean.  If it has a stain or mark of any kind, at least you have a day to bring it to the dry cleaners.  And, a suit has a matching jacket & pants/skirt. 

2. Try it on with the shirt underneath, and the shoes you are going to wear.  You want to make sure you look amazing, and that your hems are the right length.

3. Make sure your shoes are shinned – some people take this very seriously.

4. If you need a haircut, do this the week before an interview.  This way, if they go too short, you have a bit of time to let it “grow in” or you get more used to it and thus feel more comfortable. 

Remember, the more comfortable you are during the interview, the less chance your nerves will get the best of you.  So Happy Halloween everyone.   Enjoy your fun costume and make sure you have a terrific interview!


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