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Success at last! Our client’s secret to landing her dream job!

A client of ours just landed her dream job yesterday afternoon.  It was a great moment because she was just starting to get alittle nervous.  The secret to her success?  I would say there were 3 or 4 secrets.

By way of background, she is a senior in college, a Psychology major, with a couple of very good summer internships on her resume.

Secret #1:  She had a lot of things going at once and didn’t put all her eggs in one basket.  She had 1st round interviews with 2 or 3 more companies, she was waiting to hear back about 2nd rounds with about 4 other companies, and she was waiting to hear about final offers from 2 or 3 other companies.

Secret #2:  She diversified.  She was interviewing with Financial Services but with two concentrations:  Capital Markets and Investment Banking.  She was also interviewing with consulting companies, and lastly she was interested in Teach for America.

Secret #3:  She realized the power of coaching and how it could help her.   We grilled her with interview questions and she became more comfortable during the actual interview.  We researched, really researched her strengths and weaknesses – a question that makes most students freeze when asked.  She took our advice when we suggested it’s best to put her hair back because she tends to flip it with her hand during the interview.  Her follow-up notes were well written and she fully researched the company before she interviewed.

Secret #4:  She stayed upbeat and determined.  She KNEW she would have a positive outcome and that sustained the times when she didn’t get a callback interview, or when the company said they would get back on Friday and didn’t until the following Thursday.

So we are very happy for our client … and the good news is that there is no secret to successfully landing a job.  It just takes a well organized, positive effort!

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