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Belief Precedes Every Step In An Effective Job Search

The SixFigureStart job search methodology has six steps.  I repeat this so often to clients and workshop participants that I can do it front to back and in my sleep.  It is so logical, so obvious to me.  I have modeled it based on what is most effective of thousands of candidates I have hired and what I have advised coaching clients and what I have personally used myself…And yet, at a routine workshop the other day, I realized that there is a pre-step, a step 0, if you will before any of the six other steps.  Before you identify what you want, before you try to attain it, there is step 0 that is simply the belief that it is possible.

I was talking to a young professional at the start of a promising career.  This was not supposed to be your grizzled, down on your luck middle-aged executive.  But she was indeed grizzled and down on her luck.  For every suggestion I offered she couldn’t see it working — at least in her case.  It didn’t matter that she hadn’t yet tried it.  It wouldn’t work, and she wouldn’t get started only to be doomed to fail.  She couldn’t take the disappointment of potentially being disappointed.

Here is the catch-22:  we have to believe in the efficacy of our actions in order for said actions to work, but we often have to act in order to believe.  Since I couldn’t get her to believe, I couldn’t get her to act, even when the action would have helped her belief which then would have further promoted the actions.  This confusing loop is not so confusing really.  Aren’t we all attracted to confidence?  Don’t we all want to align ourselves with people who will make it happen and not just hope something happens?  In this anxious market, isn’t the best thing to be right now to be an anchor and calm in the storm?  Confidence, make-it-happen gusto, anchoring and calm are results of a strong belief in yourself.

I opened my workshop differently that night because of my pre-workshop conversation with this jobseeker.  I made a disclaimer about our job search methodology.  I pointed out that it only works if you believe that it will work.  Half-hearted attempts are very obvious to recruiters and prospective employers.  If you don’t buy what you’re selling (and as a jobseeker you are selling yourself) then no one else will want it.  It is not up to recruiters or employers or friends or anyone else but you to believe in yourself.  That belief becomes infectious.  Then people gravitate to that.  Then possibilities open up and networking becomes easier and the stars seem to align.  But only when a strong belief preceds every step of your job search.


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